Australia is famous for its stunning, unspoiled landscape. This beauty is matched by its highly crafted wines. Climate, geography and human skill have combined to produce highly distinctive, premium quality wines, which are the riches of a clean, green land.

Golden Horse Estate embraces and combines traditional winemaking with innovation to make the best wines in the world.

Golden Horse’s Australian base is located in the state of Victoria, which is at the south-eastern point of the country. Our wines have developed a strong following around the world; our vineyards are producing fantastic fruit

The grapes that make our superb wines are grown with care and attention, which produces wines with exceptional flavour and quality. The fruit takes longer to ripen and harvest is later than in warm climates. This gives the fruit time to develop its intense flavours. We express the natural flavours and colours of the fruit, so the style is fresh and elegant. Careful handling of the fruit and the inherent, excellent acid and pH levels resulting from the cool climate of the site eliminates the need for high levels of winery intervention.

Our award winning winemaker Brian Wilson then takes these grapes and crafts them into the amazing range of wines that is exciting wine drinkers all over the world. Wilson has an obsessive attention to detail, a passionate intellectual approach, and an over-riding refusal to accept anything but the best

Golden Horse Estate’s commitment to our customers is to consistently deliver a range of fine wines that match the increasing demand for unique and interesting wines from Australia. This exciting range of wines enables us to supply distinctive wine in attractive packaging to retail traders that need new and compelling wines.



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