Our Mount Beauty Vineyard at an altitude of 600m, this is one of the highest vineyards in Victoria. The climate and soil type are comparable to the higher altitude wine growing areas in Europe. In addition to this, clean Estate spring water, clear air together with very cold winters, hot summer days and cool nights makes for intensely flavoured high quality grapes. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Each key person in the Golden Horse team is a Master in their field. We employ only the best people who have an extensive variety of knowledge and skills; and are all proud to be part of the team…

 Our Viticulturist, Ezio controls and nurtures the grapes making sure that only the best quality ends up in our wines. Ezio has seven years’ experience in Italy working on viticultural and winemaking projects and has 23 years’ experience in the Alpine Valley area. Ezio has planted experimental vineyards in Tuscany province, during this time his grapes have been extremely successful winning many awards and trophies since 1987. Ezio enjoys his working with Master Winemaker Brian Wilson making wine from the premium grapes growing in their own vineyards.

 Our Vineyards

Our winemaker produces wines of distinction from our own fruit grown in 8 individual vineyards that are located in Victoria’s premium cool climate wine regions.

We like to say we make our wines in the vineyard, in other words we strive to produce the highest quality fruit possible. To achieve this we pay attention to every detail such as yield regulation through pruning and crop removal.

A combination of low crops and maximum sunlight exposure results in consistently high quality fruit no matter what the seasonal conditions are.

Mount Beauty Vineyard
Nestled on the northern slopes of Victoria’s Mount Beauty at an altitude of 600 metres above sea level is the site of our first vineyard. This is one of the highest vineyards in Victoria. results in wines with a great depth of flavour and structure.

Parkside Vineyard
The climate and soil is comparable to the best wine growing areas in Europe. In addition to this, clean water and clear air coupled with very cold winters, hot summer days and cool nights make for intensely flavoured high quality grapes.


Macedon Vineyard
The Macedon region is famous for  its reputation as a premium red wine area with established vineyards increasing their plantings and many new vignerons entering the region

Hidden Valley Vineyard
Located north of Melbourne in the Wallan area, this vineyard is planted to a range of cool climate varieties. All vines are hand-pruned and all of the fruit produced at Hidden Valley is hand harvested to produce grapes that display pristine fruit flavours and distinctive varietal character.

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